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If you had a machine that made you thousands of dollars every month, would you insure it?   Of course!

Often business owners insure their property but fail to insure their "people assets".   What would happen to your business if you  became disabled?  What would happen if a key employee passed away?  If you or your business partner suffered a fatal accident, what would happen?

Life and Disability insurance can be a helpful tool in planning to protect your business.   

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Quality employees are key to the success of any business.  Keeping those good employees means more than just offering a competitive salary.  Providing quality benefit options helps employees feel secure, protected, and appreciated.

Worksite Life Insurance is a benefit offering companies can provide at little or no cost to the employer, but that can be very important to staff.   Premium payments can even be made via payroll deduction.

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why worksite life insurance?

Zito Insurance Agency provides coverage options for individuals, families and businesses.  Our areas of expertise include:

Life Insurance - including: term policies, whole life, and         universal life
Worksite Life Insurance

Disability Income
Life Insurance Settlement

Pet Insurance