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We look at our job not as selling a particular insurance company or policy, but rather as risk managers and insurance buyers focused on the goal of reduction of a business’ financial risk.  ​Break away from the mold of the traditional broker.  

commercial Insurance & risk management

Reducing a company's total cost of risk (TCOR) involves reducing both the direct costs as well as indirect expenses such as lost time and productivity. 

Our resources (including Claims Analysis, Disaster Planning Assistance, Infrared Building Surveys, and so much more) are designed to assist you in reducing your company's TCOR.


While we work with businesses in many industries, we have developed some custom programs in conjunction with the many carriers we represent.  Click on any of these industries below to learn more.




We have the resources to provide you with court bonds and contractor bonds as well as environmental bonds.  Contact us today for more information and to discuss your bonding needs.

what is your company's Total Cost of risk?

Workers' compensation group rating 

& group Retrospective rating

To get a sense of your company's TCOR, consider the preventative measures the business is taking, the direct expenses you incur, and the indirect costs associated with incidents and claims that interrupt business.  Click here for some lists to help you get started.

Ohio Employers can reduce workers' compensation costs through group experience or group retrospective rating.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation offers the opportunity for employers to join together under a sponsoring organization to be rated as a group.  The programs have the potential for substantial savings!

To be reviewed for the programs sponsored by the Ohio Insurance Agents Association, Inc. (OIA) and administered by CompManagement, Inc., please click here, select the option to request a savings quote, and submit the form.

reducing Total Cost of risk